Marliah (marliah) wrote in wahm,

getting started....

Well its been SUPER busy around here, hence my lack of posts. I have been busting my butt trying to get my bussiness going, I finally got a photo of the quilt my mom made for the copyright packet and will be sending it in early next week when I have a spare second to fill out the forms. As far as my other product goes (cloth menstrual pads) I am set and good to go, I have made 8 so far (thank goodness the sewing part takes little time, about 20 min each). I cut out a ton of them last week so now whenever I have time I just sit and sew one. I have been working on my website after the kids go to bed. All except my inventory pages are set up. So I should be set to go live in about a week (maybe less if I have more time to work on it). I'll be sure an annouce my grand opening when it happens :)
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