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i have been having trouble finding feety clothes that fit my daughter, her legs are really long.. plus none of the baby clothes really fit my style either.. SO

So, i've decided to start making clothes for her.. i'm almost finnished with a hoody, also i'd like to make some punk toys and bedroom stuff, also punk clothes, and for pregnant women too because i never found any good punk maternity.. i have TONS of material, and ideas..

if any one is interested i guess for now i'd just like some ideas if there are things that you wish you had or your kids had and things like that (the baby punk clothes i fuond were like 20 bucks for a onesieand that's crazy)..

also i'd like to make things like cloth diaper covers, and slings, and carriers and carseat covers, and such..

most important to me is being affordable, because i'm sick of looking at things and saying well, she's almost too big for this and this is WAY too big for her.. but it's so adorable.. oh damn.. not $15 adorable..

Thanks in advance for the help!!
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