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Work At Home Mum's Journal
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Wednesday, February 4th, 2009
9:10 pm

I've recently started working from home as a telephone voice actress, which is a nice way of saying that I'm a phone sex operator. I really enjoy it, and the pay is good.

I would never try to recruit anyone into it, as I realize it's not for everyone, but if you're interested- or even just curious- you can read about what I do in anything_goes35.

Anyway, I can't wait to get to know everyone here and find out about other at-home opportunites.


Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, February 1st, 2009
12:15 pm
Experience stories?
I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with the Papillon Agency, PPS Chat or the Telephone Actress Network, specifically as a voice actress? I'm considering applying for a job, but I want to get a little background first if possible.


Current Mood: curious
Thursday, April 17th, 2008
12:37 pm
Hey Mom bloggers!
Hi Mom Bloggers, I am helping Alexis Martin Neely launch her new book, "Wear Clean Underwear: A Fast, Fun, Friendly - and Essential - Guide to Legal Planning for Busy Parents. With her savvy book Wear Clean Underwear, Alexis helps parents understand how important – and easy – legal planning is for parents. You can find out more info on the book at www.wearcleanunderwearbook.com.

So why am I writing you?

For each mom blogger who reviews the book on or before May 7, we will offer a comprehensive Kids Protection Plan counseled and prepared by a celebrity lawyer, Alexis Martin Neely. This is a great value, as an attorney prepared Kids Protection Plan is normally $1,000. And, because Alexis Martin Neely is no longer seeing new clients, this offer is truly priceless.

Let me know if you can review the book by May 7th. We would love your participation. Please contact me at alicia@wealthygirlsummit.com if you are interested.
Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
5:41 pm
Mei Tai done!
We went berry picking:Collapse )
She got a little upset w/ all the up and down:Collapse )
then she fell asleep:Collapse )
when we came inside i tied her to the couch so she wouldnt get hurt:Collapse )

There is a bit of fluff/stuffing in there, and i stitched around the flowers and the stitching all the way around the outside is pretty starlooking things :)
Sunday, July 2nd, 2006
7:33 pm

NEXT is the Mai Tai

tia for the comments,

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
4:59 pm
i have a whole bunch of girls clothes, and a whole buch of unisex clothing.. id like to pass the unisex clothing on to a friend of mine (you want them Emily??)
ALSO i'd like to offer my sewing "services" to any mommies and daddies out there that need/want alterations, either for themselves or their children...
ALSO if there are clothes/blankets that you would like your children to be able to keep forever, i'd love to make quilts too

i'd like to sell them, most of them my daughter has worn (looks) not at all.. i'll take pictures tomorrow from my moms and post them..

also today i made mina a cloth diaper and it's pretty its all red and white and spiraly..

i'm going to make 3 slings over the next few days for my friend that has Judah... so that she can decide which kind she'd like the best.. i'll post pictures when they're done..

my next project will be nursing shirts/dresses.. any one who's interested feel free to post :) i'm going to model them after the one that i have that my fiance looked at me and said "can she do that (meaning nursing) through the shirt?"

PRICING: it's all the same, the exact shipping to you plus just a little more.. depending on how much shipping will be.. (i'm willing to help a little w/ shipping if it's a lot)
i'm on this little... adventure if you will in order to help other mommys and daddys like us, i'm lucky enough to be able to stay at home, but i'd like to help him so all i'd ever ask is for a few extra dollars (for everything (clothes, shirts, slings) never more than $10)... (the quilts will be worth a bit more and they will depend on the ammount of work that i put in.. but i know how $ can be tight.. so it wont be out rageous)

TIA for the comments :)


x posted to my journal, _pregant_, wahm, and new arrivals

Current Mood: excited
Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
1:13 pm
i have been having trouble finding feety clothes that fit my daughter, her legs are really long.. plus none of the baby clothes really fit my style either.. SO

So, i've decided to start making clothes for her.. i'm almost finnished with a hoody, also i'd like to make some punk toys and bedroom stuff, also punk clothes, and for pregnant women too because i never found any good punk maternity.. i have TONS of material, and ideas..

if any one is interested i guess for now i'd just like some ideas if there are things that you wish you had or your kids had and things like that (the baby punk clothes i fuond were like 20 bucks for a onesieand that's crazy)..

also i'd like to make things like cloth diaper covers, and slings, and carriers and carseat covers, and such..

most important to me is being affordable, because i'm sick of looking at things and saying well, she's almost too big for this and this is WAY too big for her.. but it's so adorable.. oh damn.. not $15 adorable..

Thanks in advance for the help!!
Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
11:16 am

Working at home so I can stay home with Anna IS the right thing to do for us.

So why do I feel I am being punished? Neil's job has still not paid him for his Oct. 1 paycheck. I had to pull out of savings to pay mortgage and bills. Work picked up for me and now it has stopped again. I signed up to be a mystery shopper and I have one thing to do next month, but the morons at some of the companies keep posting jobs located 200 miles from my home!

I just needed to whine.

Current Mood: depressed
Wednesday, July 28th, 2004
1:52 pm
It's finally set up!
My website is finally up and running!


YAY! Now onto advertising!
Thursday, July 22nd, 2004
3:20 pm
getting started....
Well its been SUPER busy around here, hence my lack of posts. I have been busting my butt trying to get my bussiness going, I finally got a photo of the quilt my mom made for the copyright packet and will be sending it in early next week when I have a spare second to fill out the forms. As far as my other product goes (cloth menstrual pads) I am set and good to go, I have made 8 so far (thank goodness the sewing part takes little time, about 20 min each). I cut out a ton of them last week so now whenever I have time I just sit and sew one. I have been working on my website after the kids go to bed. All except my inventory pages are set up. So I should be set to go live in about a week (maybe less if I have more time to work on it). I'll be sure an annouce my grand opening when it happens :)
3:18 pm
hello and welcome to WAHM. Sorry its taken me so long to get started here. I have been really busy trying to get my business going. Jump right in a start posting! :) I'd love to meet some other WAHM's

Current Mood: busy
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